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By Alex123

I m a bit confused. i went through the tutorial and it says to move somewhere else the maxwell folder based on previous versions such as 1.7
My question is do you mean completely uninstall it and replace in the plug in folder of C4D the new Maxwell 1.8 plug in.

Second question is can version 1.8 run on 64 bits ?


By JDHill
Hi Alexandre,

Yes, If you already have a previous version of the Maxwell plugin (i.e 1.7) in your Cinema plugins folder, you need to move it somewhere else (desktop, recycle bin, etc.), then put the Maxwell folder from the downloaded .zip file into your Cinema plugins folder. So, it will look something like this:


The new plugin runs in 64bit Cinema on Windows, but not yet on OSX.

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By Maximus3D
Thanks for the new plugin JD, it looks great! :) i especially like the hdr implementation and the new materialsystem, much better than the old system. But there's one thing i'm wondering how it's done and it's when i wanna import one of my old materials using the MXED Browser or the Import MXM Data in the materialeditor, either way i try i seem to get no material imported from my library into C4D.

Is this how it should be done or have i misunderstood it ?

/ Max
By JDHill
Hi Max,

For the most logical operation, use the C4D Content Browser to locate MXM files for import. Unfortunately, due to the way the C4D SDK works, I cannot make this type of import work AND show MXM thumbnails in the Content Browser. The Import MXM Data item in the Material Editor's menu is meant to modify the replace state of a given Material with that of the specified MXM file - it doesn't create any new Material. You may want to read the Material Editor section of the manual - it has the details about how this stuff works.


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By Maximus3D
Good tip JD, i forgot about that Content Browser thingy. I tried it now and it works :) i understand that previews cannot be done, that's alright. No worries, i have rendered materialball images of my materials in the same folder so it's easy when picking which material to use as each one have their own thumbnail preview already.

Btw, it shows you worked hard on this plugin :) good job!

/ Max
By Lynchon
Well, i do not have a preview image for each of my maxwell mat, so it is a problem for me. I´ve read in theforums FAQ that there´s a way to import all your library into c4d material browser, but i cant find that option. Can anyone guide me through the process to get this working?

Actually im testing c4d so i am no very used to its workflow, its was the posibility of using parametric maps into MWM that made me want to try it. Untill now i havent been able to make it work, i´ve read in some other forums that it is been done, can it be done? how?

Thanks in advance
By JDHill
The Cinema SDK has several limitations when it comes to custom materials vs. the Cinema Content Browser. Consequently, the best way to work with MXM files in the plugin is this:

- open the plugin's Material Editor
- open an Explorer/Finder window
- drag the MXM files you want to import
- drop them on the material preview area in the Material Editor

You can do the same thing using MXED's browser window, but you can only drag either one MXM or a folder full of MXMs from there. The other way to get MXMs into the scene is to browse with Cinema's Content Browser, but as you see, it is not possible to show material preview thumbnails there, so it is difficult to know what you're doing.

Regarding Cinema procedural textures (I think that's what you mean), you can use these in regular Cinema materials, not Maxwell ones. The procedural maps will be exported by the plugin according to the settings in the Scene Object's Cinema tab. Note, that this will only work with a licensed version of Cinema - demo versions do not have the ability to render the procedurals out to files, which is what Maxwell needs.
By Lynchon
Thanks! that answered all my doubts.

You understood me perfectly when i asked about procedural textures, im sorry, i was translating directly from spanish.
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