By arkviz
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ERROR: - UVW channels ( 1 ) on object "KLP_pne" not enough for material "Gar_pn2"

I found that plugin cinemaxwell writes mxs files with modified material. I opened file in studio and problem was that some texture channels were set to 5 or 2. MXM file has only used channel 0. Any idea why? If i place the same object into another scene everything is ok. I also found that if i have the same material on more objects plugin writes this material more times. Example: I have MXM called Gar_pn1 and another called Gar_pn2 but after export into mxs, there are four equal materials called Gar_pn1 to Gar_pn4 and original Gar_pn2 is not in the scene.
By JDHill
Hi arkviz,

I can't really comment on what you're seeing with the current plugin, but there is a new one coming very soon and the material system it uses is completely different. Material names cannot always match though - while Cinema doesn't care if there are multiple materials with the same name, Maxwell does, so they have to be renamed sometimes. As far as I know, it will be impossible to get a 'not enough uvw channels' error with the new plugin.

By arkviz
Hi JDHill,

I am using recent plugin but not recent "maxwell materials". They are not showing correct look in C4D editor. For example, i see no alpha channel, bump texture instead of color etc... Next problem is when i want to assign UVW channel to object, it is not correct too. For this i prefer to use only C4D materials and maxwel custom MXM tags (copied from older objects). I have a library of frequently used MXM materials such as aluminium, chrome, black gum, car tyres, AGS... All these material have C4D twins (i need everything in dual mode) so i have always the same material for aluminium in c4d and always the same MXM tag with the same MXM file for alu material. If i have scene with 100 cars & 50 buildings all aluminium surfaces covers the same mxm from the same file stored always on the same place. I also care about names: c4d mat name "Gar_alu", selection set name "Gar_alu", c4d texture tag name "Gar_alu", custom mxm tag name "Gar_alu", mxm file name "Gar_alu.mxm", texture name used on this mat "Gar_alu.jpg" . Maybe funny but i like to have things ordered. :D
Take a look at this: ImageBut what happen if i export mxs? i see more materials called "Gar_alu1" or "Gar_alu2" etc... Texture channels are set to different values than saved with mxm file. Normally i don't check mxs files in studio, but if i have problem it helps. Fortunately it isn't needed often.
By JDHill
I see; I don't think the intention was for the 1.7f plugin to work with old-style materials on a primary basis (they aren't even mentioned in the manual). The capability to do so should have been considered as a fall-back only, giving you an opportunity to upgrade your scenes to the new plugin's materials without losing your prior work. This may become an issue for you with the new (yet to be released) plugin, because while it again provides (100% seamless) compatibility with materials created by its predecessor, it will not read these really-old materials you appear to be using. So there may be some work involved there.

I really can't determine what it may be that you're seeing related to texture channels; it could be from using mxms written with much older versions of Maxwell (curious, how old are they), or it may be due to using those old plugin materials.
By arkviz
Thank You very much for information about new plugin, for me will be better to stay with old plugin.

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