By JDHill
As far as I know, yes; I mean, it seems to work fine here on my Intel Mac.
By adri

As a follow up. I'm using C4D in 64 bit mode. Will the plugin work in the 64 bit version of C4D and more to the point is MXCL etc now 64 bit on OS X?


By JDHill
Ok, no then, the plugin will not load if you run in 64bit mode. There is a 64bit tech preview of MXCL available, but I have not used it yet myself.
By adri

Is there a plan to have a plugin for R11 on OS X that will support running in 64 bits? It would be better if MXCL can also run in 64 bits but as a start if I can use the plugin in my 64 bit C4D and then render out to the 32 bit MXCL that would be good.


By JDHill
Hi Adri,

There is a version of MXCL which can run on 64bits, but the plugin will not do so right away. A good instancing implementation has a much bigger payoff, memory-wise, than getting 64bits working on OSX. After that, yes this will be one of the first priorities for the plugin.

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By zoppo
JDHill wrote:A good instancing implementation has a much bigger payoff, memory-wise
So what's the current status on this subject?
How much instancing is implemented up to now?
How much will be in the next version?

BTW i love the new plugin version, had mw shelfed for quite a while because of the awkward look&feel(&use&workarounds), now the spark is back ;)

By JDHill
I won't say exactly what I'm doing, but things are looking much better than I had previously expected on the instancing front, imho. When it's done, I hope you'll agree. :)

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