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By zoppo
hi all,

is the z-buffer from the plugin broken?
it doesn't transfer the right values.

min 0 - max 200 is min 2 - max 1.20825e-315 in the renderer.

btw - where is the bug/issues list for the 1.7f plugin?

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By zoppo
hmmm ... so many views ... zero replies ...

can anyone confirm my problem?
or tell me "it's working for me!"?
or tell me "look at xxx it's a confirmed bug!"

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By macray
something else: what is this feature for? If I knew this I might give an answer...
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By zoppo
it's a depth map.

camera to min = white
min to max = gray getting darker with the distance
beyond max = black

afaik it's working different in the plugin than in studio.
studio uses the distance from the cam for the min and max value, the plugin uses the cam target.

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