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By Alex123

I have a problem with Cinemaxwell
I extracted it in the plug in folder of C4D
and nothing happens when I load C4D.
It used to work in the past now it doesn t

Anyone knows why

I have all my licenses legit and updated i.e. C4D 10.5 and Maxwell 1.7+ 1.7.1 patch

Any help is appreciated
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By Rochr
It should work.
Could you post a screenshot of your folder hierarchy?
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By Alex123

I tried using to image hosting web sites but the connection seems slow

Anyways Like I said I did exactly what I ve done before and it worked but now
it seems that C4D is unable to load plug ins

Only the C4D modules can load but Maxwell doesn t for some reason
The odd thing is that I see Maxwell on the C4D splash screen load but only once I have done a reboot of my computer. But still once I m in C4D and call up the plug in menu I have nothing.

Is there a way to load plug ins within C4D?
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By Alex123
I have basically tried everything and uninstalles and reinstalled C4D as well as Maxwell

My extraction is done as follows

c:/Program Files (x86)/Maxon/Cinema4D R10/plugins
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By Alex123
OK I know now how to make it work

You need to install if you have Windows 64 bit the vcredit_X64

I didn t think previously I needed that since it was mentionned for Maxwell 1.6 installation but it seems to be also needed for 1.7 version of Maxwell

Thanks for the help

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Thanks tim :D :D Leo