By Josephus Holt
Could someone be so kind as to upload and/or email me a C4D file with a really simple light setup done in C4D that will render out in MR? I set up a C4D cone light with a simple cube that I assigned a MXM material to. All I could get it to render out was the oval cone on the surface...the surface was not picking up any ambient light. (posted a screen shot in my answer to Maximus in the other post "Sample MW plugin scene for C4D").

I am not able to get the answer/solution from the C4D/MR plugin manual.

Need some help to get over this bump :)
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By mashium123

Your scene (the one you showed a scrshot of) is quite right. The only thing is: the radius/decay value of your spotlight is way off. Pull that thing back into the room somewhere near the ceiling and it'll look like this:


But just to be sure, here you go... a 10.5 file: ... 397948419a
By Josephus Holt
Mesut, thank you very much. I started some time back to learn the C4D modeling but have not done anything with the lights it working now. Pretty awesome :). Lot to learn :roll: Will look at your file carefully this weekend, in the mean time did a very short render time to see that it was working.

[img][img] ...[/img][/img]
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