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By spekoun

Is anybody in NL working on better integration Maxwell into C4D? I think it was promised.

Yes, plugin is usable, but there are some boring limitations. Instances for example. I waited for Maxwell 1.7 if it comes with better plugin. But no one come. :(

Thanks for answer.
By Becco_UK
I don't know what's being worked on but generally I find the current 1.7 plugin to be integrated enough. If anything a bit too much for my workflow - I preferred the older tag system for Maxwell materials.

Except for a few niggly problems, I feel the new Maxwell 1.7 Cinema plugin is probably the best release so far.
Becco_UK wrote: If anything a bit too much for my workflow - I preferred the older tag system for Maxwell materials.
100% agreed...

it slows down my workflow like hell since I work only through plugin... luckely the old tags still work... I keep importing them from older scenes ;) although the mix of different mw release materials sometimes cause slight problems... but still fine for me
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By spekoun
Oh your opinion surprised me! For me is Maxwell Material much better, then tag system.
And as I said. What i miss the most is better instance handling.
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By Maximus3D
I think some users complained about the tag system before, and then they removed it in this new updated plugin. And now people complain about this new system. Life as a Maxwell plugin coder for C4D users can't be a easy one :D

Personally either system works, i adapt myself to whatever system is integrated.

/ Max
By Becco_UK
spekoun: We all have different opinions in life! Instances can be used with the Cinema plugin - make sure they are at root level within the scene. A bit tedious at times but they work fine.

Maximus3D: The simple tag system worked great for me and it was one of the few things I never complained about! :)
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By spekoun
I wrote BETTER instance handling. I use instances and I know they work. But i would like to group them. When i have 50 trees in root, it is a little annoyng.

I would like to read answer from NL, if there is some plan for C4D plugin. :(
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