hi guys, just to make this short... i like the new version but something bothers me. could it be that it is no longer possible to create these quick mw materials vie cinema4d plugin. these u could by clicking right and chose one of the maxwell tags...

just can't find them. are they still there and am I to blind or are they no longer? would take away a lot of my working speed if I had to use editor each time.

greets oliver
By mmhnemo
Actually they're gone. But i doubt that you will take more time with the new workflow.
You can initially create a repository of all your Maxwell materials -> convert them to C4D materials and pick them easily from your usual C4D repository from now on. Just work as you always did within Cinema. :D

For me thats far superior workflow wise.

Alternatively do this:

Under materials click new Maxwell material.
In that click 'open material editor'
In the maxwell editor use the wizard to have access to the blank material presets you formerly had in cinema as tags.
For example pick simple diffuse, save material. Now assign this C4D/Maxwell material to all objects you want - no more extra tags but the materials are still there if you want them.
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By macray
they are still there.... but before you could specify a red diffuse or a yellow plastic.... without the need to save it evry time.

Now I have to save every nuance of colour that I want to see in my scene. That's not the way to go forward but to increase the number fo files!
By Becco_UK
Also it is sometimes necessary to have a Cinema material and a Maxwell material applied to an object, particularly when using BodyPaint.

Previously the Maxwell tag took priority at render time but now it seems as though the Cinema material has priority and this is causing big problems.

The older tags together with the custom tag worked fine.

Shouldn't there be an option for the user to decide what sort of material is used/ takes priority.

Personally, I like the new 1.6 engine in combination with the older Cinema plugin - I only lose instancing this way. Displacement is simply achieved by setting it up in the Maxwell material editor of a custom material.
By jespi
I think the new plug in is a step forward, maybe need to fix a few things but new material integration is fantastic and is more stable than the other one. Also, this plug in has been rebuilt from zero and is "normal" to have these little inconveniences.
By Becco_UK
I can't really say I had any significant problems with the last plugin which I'm happy that I can still use with Maxwell 1.6 and maintain my own style of workflow.

The new plugin does look to a good foundation to build on though so long as it recieves constant development.
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By Maximus3D
A minor issue i noticed in the most recent plugin released now is that if you edit a material in a scene then you need to hit Enter each time so the material is reloaded again into C4D or else it won't update in the viewport. It's no biggie but it can get annoying if you have alot of materials you need to tweak in a scene.

/ Max
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By macray
Thanks for the update - but no newsletter this time? I didn't notice the 1.6 cinemaxwell update to 1.6f3 if not someone in a german forum had written a note that it is out....
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By Carl007
I would like to get the Emitter tags back in the menu, or are there any way to get fast access to change emitter parameters in c4d that I have missed?
By seco7
To use Maxwell Emitters they are exactly like materials (Create new C4D/Maxwell material, start material editor, supply file name, use wizard etc, hit refresh viewport, save and exit).

But, have you tried just using C4D lights which are converted at run-time? I use both depending on what I'm doing. I have found that for standard lighting tasks the C4D lights work really well and cut out all the extra work. I also almost always render with multilight though because of this though.
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By Carl007
Thanks for the reply.

Yes I also know of those methods, but I find it a bit awkward changing the emitter parameters in mxed than in c4d where it was soooo much faster to make some changes, now it is way to many steps for my taste, and way to many files floating around, but maybe I just have to adapt.
What I didn´t find any info about is area lights, how are they converted, how many triangles etc, I see there are parameters for pointlight and spot, but not for Area light...

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