By mmhnemo
A new plugin was released today.

Release notes:

- Fixed repeated material bug with diffuses, plastics, metals, dielectrics and emitters.

- Fixed mapping of Alpha channel of C4DMaterial to Maxwell material.

- Fixed Focal Length correction when scaling down the scene.

- Fixed sky textures X offset.

- No need to type twice lat-long-gmt value after switch to Custom city.

- Now, to render an animation just set the Padding Format to name#.ext. If the user presses Write MXS, the plugin will write the specified number of MXS files and will stop, but if the user presses RenderSV or RenderAV, the plugin will write all the files and start mxcl in render animation mode.

I'll do my usual tests when i get time but it reads as if they nailed a few big bugs with this one. Let's hope for the best ^^

regards Nicholas
By adri
Is this a joke???
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By mashium123
Just to be more precise about the particles thing (sorry, I don't own hair...)

For example I've got a particle animation from frame01 to frame20.

When I adjust the plug to render frames 05-08 it will walk through the frames in the camera view window and write frame0005.mxs, frame0006.mxs, frame0007.mxs, frame0008.mxs in the specified folder. But the content of those mxs files is all the same:
It's that content that you have on the one frame your selected camera view shows in that moment you clicked "render selected view as render view".

So, let's say I had (for whatever reason) frame17 in the camera view in that moment I clicked the render button, then I'll get frame0005.mxs, frame0006.mxs, frame0007.mxs, frame0008.mxs (together with the associated files) written and four times the particle situation & content of frame17 rendered.

So, in fact it's not really the first frame that is always rendered but the one that is showing in the camera view. Due to the fact, that I usually have the timeline waiting on the first frame of an animation, I stated wrongly in prior posts that it's the first frame that's being rendered repeatedly.

I hope, the description was not too weird.
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By Boris Ulzibat
Thanks for clarifying it!
I never tried rendering a sequence with frame other than the first selected, so i didn't notice it either.

This example kinda proves my guess that cinemaxwell doesn't consider the CHANGES in particles and hair, it just takes their positions that are currently cached.
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By macray
I have another problem:

I have a xpresso setup for a folding chair that works very good in cinema and in stills in former maxwell versions also without problems.

yesterday I wanted to try animation and discovered that one of the animated parts is not moved at all.
That means the chair is folding as expected, but there is one thing that should be fixed to both the moving parts is ignored now and stays is the position relative to it's starting position. The small thing is underneath the seat connecting the seat part to the long back/leg part. But it has to be moved and it looks like it has done so before, also in maxwell. (If I try it in cinema it works really fine. rendered a short animation to show it works. Can be found in the german in the maxwell section.) the part stays fixed now... before it was working (right side)
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By Carl007
No transformation of objects at all in animated sequences rendered in maxwell.

C4DR10.111 OSX intel and PPC.....
By Boris Ulzibat
I hate to remind, but.
This problem was reported about 7 months ago!
I guess it is enough for you, NL people to pay attention to this bug.
I am not asking for an instant fix, just a little confirmation about it, no?

THere are almost no more technical discussions left on this forum.
Almost any topic with bug reports remains unanswered.
This is not polite at all.
Maybe a little respect to your customers? Do we not deserve it?

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