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By Bige
The Cinema4D plug-in for Maxwell Render 1.5 has seen the following improvements and fixes:

- The launching process of mxcl and mxed from Cinema has been modified. Multiple renders can be started sequentially and multiple instances of mxed can be opened.

great.... i gues

but how do I use it? Is this only for 1 scene with multiple frames? or is it multiple mxs scenes to be renderd in sequence?
Hope it is the latter but then how?
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By spekoun
For example: When you started mxed C4SD was blocked in v.1.1. Now you can let mxed opened and continue with C4D. Or there was some problems render scene when another was rendering. Now you can render some final render and continue with sort test renders with another scene. This what that fix make, i think...
By Becco_UK
With the Maxwell 1.1/Cinema plugin you could only start one render. If you needed another render running at the same time you had to go outside of Cinema ie: by using Maxwell Studio.

Now with Maxwell 1.5/Cinema plugin you can start a render, open another scene in Cinema and render that via the Maxwell plugin.
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By Bige
ok that is a start... but can i make a cue line?
It hapens quite often to me that i have presentation and need to make some renders just the night before.
At the moment i need to get out of bed to switch renders. But with a cue line i can just keep on sleeping :?

or does starting multiple renders at the same time have the same total render time. Not that i have the amount of ram needed to run 3 or 4 renders at the same time. maybe with the new plugin...... should try...

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