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By zoetropeuk
We oh why do things always seems to change for the worse. In all previous versions of the plug-in there was a simple text field for the final image output dimensions. Now we're told that it steals these values from C4D, but where does it take them from ?

If I set my output dimensions to 1024 x 1024 for the active viewport and choose render active viewport mxcl renders an 840 x 839 image. Also the camera seems to be zoomed in 10-15% so now I have to render 3-4 versions before I can get the image I want when rendered.

This all worked in previous versions and now it doesn't. Like they say, if it aint broke don't fix it :roll:

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By zoetropeuk
Where ? The link doesn't seem to work :(

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By jc4d
This is really weird :? , ok if you hit "Render Active View" it render the size of the active viewport, if you hit "Render selected View as Render View" it will render with the C4D render settings.
Find the tread name it "Render output bug".
Hope it help


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