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By Rochr
Another one for the growing list. :)

It would be a definite improvement to be able to access the materials editor WITHOUT having to load another material first.

The issue with the current way, is that MXM´s loaded for this single purpose and later replaced, are for some reason still stored in the memory.
Maxwell will then throw out error messages when textures for the long deleted MXM´s are missing. (every single scene with MXM´s so far)
By adri
attaching mxm emitter mats to c4d lights?

being able to render to maxwell and Advanced renderer without changing mats over? Someones suggested a way of doing this that I have yet to try out.

material exchange function. Having a reference scene full of mats that you can call on to swap out C4D mats for Maxwell mats. (similar to the mats exchange that can be done between Archicad and C4D)


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By mashium123
jc4d wrote:The new light tab inside cinemaxwell is great but that would be nice if there a Enable checkbox if we want the native C4D lights are exported or not to the render.

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By mashium123
In Studio there is an option to "EXCLUDE FROM Z-CLIP PLANES".
Pleeeease put this option into the plug.
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By Kabe
Inge wrote:An other thing is the instances from C4D. Does Maxwell accept them? I had a couple crashes, so I had to render them with the advenced render in C4D.
Instances should work. If you have crashes, then please try to strip down
the scene to the crashing bits and send it to NL.

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By mashium123
jc4d wrote:Ability to render with the Blow Up feature inside C4D


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