This xpresso expression was made by Render Taxi (Alex). This deserves it own thread. Thanks Render Taxi.
rendertaxi wrote:I´ve made a simple Expression which links the C4D Sky and the Maxwell Render Settings.

It transfers and syncs the values for the time and the location which you can now choose quite handy from the C4D Presets. You should switch daylight savings off as mashium mentioned.

Only change the values for the C4D Sky. The Expression will transfer it to the Maxwell Render Settings as shown below.



And here the download link:

http://www.rendertaxi.de/mxl_images/MW& ... ession.zip

I´m thinking of syncronizing much more data.. the new render settings object gives us a lot of possibilities i think.
If you have ideas to improve the expression, please let me know or just build it in and post the modified version.

cheers, alex
Note: The function of Cinema 4D Sky/Sun to Maxwell Render Physical sky works fine with the new Cinemaxwell plugin the workflow before was more of a manual nature to synchronize the two. The function worked fine, it is just that with Cinema 4D's fantastic xpresso the automatic synch is a much appreciated feature.
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By Tyrone Marshall
I made a change to link GMT to Maxwell Render Object from Cinema 4D. I added a FloatMath:Multiply xpresso object to bind Sky TimeZone to Maxwell Render GMT.

Thanks Alex, I hope you do not mind my edit.


Do not forget to disable the daylight standard savings adjustment!
By rendertaxi

thanks for adding this feature! Of course, only with this link it make sense..
I added it to my original expression which can now be downloaded for C4D10 in the original thread or right here:

V 0.1: (with addition Timezone/GMT Link suggested by Tyrone): http://www.rendertaxi.de/mxl_images/MW_ ... nc_0.1.zip
By lllab
thanks rendertaxi!!!
great thing
By mmhnemo
Hi Rendertaxi,

could you please make the file for Cinema 9.x available again?
I just tried to download it but it seems the link is dead.

Thanks alot

*edit nevermind* i just checked the screenshot above and see the expresso is there.

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