By vpii
If I load a high poly tree in Lightwave and clone it 1000 times in layout then check use instance in the Maxwell that the proper way to use? If I export to Studio just the original is there and all is fine. But if I render in Lightwave plugin all that extra overhead of the actual 1000 trees in Layout is still there. Would it not be better to just have a null be linked for instance placment, or better yet points that a plugin could detect? Maybe I am just using this wrong?
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By Mihnea Balta
Clones are the only way to use instances now, but we will consider alternative methods (like the solution with nulls you're suggesting) for the next version.
By vpii
Thanks for the fast reply. Do most of you render in Studio? or Lightwave plugin?
By WillMartin
I use the plug-in almost exclusively, although it's good to know Studio well for those times when the plug-in isn't quite getting you what you want, or you're having a problem and you wish to narrow down/isolate what it is.
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By RonB
Lately I have been rendering just from the plugin...I am very clunky in Studio but am trying to learn it. I find moving objects around nearly impossible for me. I am much more relaxed in Layout.

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By CJElven
Moving objects around in Studio has often given me fits. Eventually, someone told me that I needed to finalize positions in Layout and then import those final positions into Studio. Not an ideal solution at all, but it's been much easier since then.

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