By mtripoli
I have a scene that was rendering just fine (with version 1.6.1). I did a "CloneHierarchy" of the object. When I tried to render it crashes with a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime error. It says "abnormal program termination".

In between I saw there is a new plugin. I installed that as well as the suggested MS runtime stuff. Made no difference to the problem.

I deleted the cloned object(s) and it still crashes. I can open any other scene that did not have cloned objects and it renders fine. Is this an old problem I'm just now seeing?


UPDATE: BTW, I went and looked at previous threads regarding cloning in Layout. Most of them seem to be a problem with "materials". In my case the materials are very simple; white emitters, "simple dielectrics", no UV maps, etc.

Also, instancing will not work for me...
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By Mihnea Balta
What crashes, Lightwave or MXCL? Could you send me a scene which triggers the crash? Which version of Lightwave are you using and on which OS? What do you mean instancing doesn't work for you?

Instanced (cloned) emitters are not supported in Maxwell yet. It shouldn't crash MXCL (and it definitely shouldn't be a problem for the plug-in), but if you have cloned an emitter it might be the source of your problem.

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