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By hdesbois
It has been some times since I last saw anything rendered with Motion blur through Maxwell. I'm wondering if it's working with current version. It had some limitations back in beta time. Anybody knows the present status of motion blur?
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By thxraph
hello people,

i've actually found how to make it work

you have to active the motionblur option on the camera

here is a quick 5min render, SL11


+ a cool thing is, if you want to hide an object from the camera, you can do it in the object option panel on the layout : hidden to camera, it's linked, it works!

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By giacob
there is no need at all to click the Global checkBox ... setting the motion blur to normal in the camera setting is enough :wink:
the rest is true
By maxando
my motion blur is greyed out. why can't i use motion blur in maxwell render? is it because i'm using maxwell render DEMO? give me a good setting so i can use motion blur in lightwave 8.5. hey ''Thxraph', how u do that?
By beatriz
Hello maxando, motion blur had some problems so we disabled in the last versino of the plugin.
It will be working on the next release.
By giacob
when it will be?
By beatriz
Everything (plugin + new release) is at final stages: finetuning, more testing, manual,etc...

Again, I cannot be more precise. Sorry about it.
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!