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Hi Guys...

Here's the problem: Installed the Windows 10 Pro 1803 update and 2 of my 12 nodes on my server do not render anymore. On these 2 nodes the message window that reads something like this ( QIODEVICE:: seek ... Cannot call seek on an sequential device) does NOT pop up and the node does not start rendering. The manager finds ALL 12 nodes, so I guess he problem has to do with the 2 nodes not displaying the above mentioned message.

Anyone have an idea on what to do? PS. Reinstalling didn't do the trick either....

I can't really add much from a solution standpoint yet, but I was recently considering staging in a Win 7 to Win 10 update on my render nodes. If I run into a similar problem, I'll report back my findings.

Do you have hardware specs for the nodes where this is occurring? Very early on in the Maxwell v4 release, there were GPU dependency issues which caused similar problems but that I believe has been long resolved. That's not to say there might be some other hardware related item going on. Ever since then, I fitted all of the nodes with a bottom of the line GeForce 210 just to pass the hardware check without exception. I render exclusively in CPU mode for all network renders, but those $40 cards got me passed the Graphics API exception.

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