Everything related to Maxwell network rendering systems.
By DavidLemelin
I have been encountering a problem using the denoiser on a network render. The denoiser itself works fine if I render on a single machine, but with multiple nodes it appears to crash.

I've been directed to the documentation for help, but there is no mention of this issue so I'm still looking for a solution. Are there any settings to account for other than enabling the denoiser in the render set up?

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?
By bitnaut
Using the latest v4.1.1.1, the denoiser on my OS X network/render farm doesn't crash but it is unable to write the denoised result to the specified output path. Only the render node on the machine running Maxwell Network Manager is able to write it's denoised result. This tells me that the trickery that they do for the other scene/output paths isn't being done for the denoiser.
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