Hi all,

I'm starting, as consulting architect/MR user, to build an offer with a small web agency for a company that makes architectural solar control screen in plastified textiles.

That company is wishing to transform its whole product brochures to virtual version ( online). We are thinking about using MR for virtual images able to show the product in various light situations in photorealistic views with very few postprocessing( in order to be able to multiply image quantities and calculation with less human work) . I'm quite busy with my architecture firm and have no time to learn better MR and tweak images...hence the reason of this offer.

The job will be in two steps:
Step 1: win the project

1.0 - use 1-2 existing interior / exterior scenes you have showing architecture and windows on which a solar screen can be added
1.1 - create the material for a chosen solar screen ( SSS probably with textile mapping..) so the material is able to get 8-15% light through...make 3-4 colored version of it.
1.2 - use the material in the existing scenes and output 6 to 10 multilight version ( night / day / sunset etc) showing the translucent as well as color on exterior views.

We will build a mock up version of the website using those images and convince the client there is a virtual way of showing all his colors without using photography or expensive real life prints.

Step 2: once the project is validated by the client

2.0 - create or modify existing scenes ( 2-3 different type of buildings)
2.1 - Create as many color versions of each range of product as well as a material for each product.
2.2 - batch render multilight version using each color ( 50 - 60 colors x 10 images)

Both steps would have to be defined and fine tuned. We would have to discuss with 3D artist the different conditions of work for step 1 which is a "tender" and is basically in hope of making the project: translation: very little money in that step!

For Step 2, the design of the website will define how many differents scene would be used, how many renders, etc...so quotes will have to be made in that step, depending on the amount of work which is unknown yet ( about 3-4 main products with 2-3 scenes each times 50-60 colors..)

For now we are trying to identify someone with experience in MR, materials, SSS and subtle photorealistic renders. The idea beeing the less post processing, the better ( in step 2 especially). Step 1 is a relatively quick one, for step 2 we are talking months....

Please contact me directly here ( lofta at lofta dot com), and send me a link to your work which would be first selection step...we'd rather work with a very small firm or independant 3D artist that would preferabely be located in western europe for easier communications ( same time zone)..but that is also subject to discussion!


EDIT June 10th: for now the client wants a standby on the project...thnx for your answers
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