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By zeuhl
Hi everyone,
We are a french post-production company based in Paris. For several commercial jobs, we're looking for a confirmed render artist specialized in Maxwell Render.
Jobs can go from a few days to a several months.
Thanks to all
By dvhouw
Hi there,
We specialize in (maxwell) product renders for the advertising industry and have experience in collaborating with post-production and retouching companies.
For more info and samples of our work, please visit .


Dario van Houwelingen
By vinyvince
Samples of my personal works and professional projects i worked on in the last years in one of the following position: Lighting TD / Photography Concept Art / Matte Painting All around VFX Artist since 1995

Demo reel (5 years old)

Felt in love for Maxwell recently while working on the sequel filmthe Odyssee for Cartier and a couple of other projets at Digital District Paris and i will like to be able to be able to use it more in the future.

Feel free to drop me a line of you feel like


Vincent Thomas
Author / Creative Art Director & VFX supervisor / MattePainter & Concept Designer

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