Like to showcase your work? We are looking for Artists using BIM software and Physically Based Rendering to create, as a first, separate images like these (attached).
The view must be consistent through views of Wireframe, Hidden Line, Flat Shaded and Photo-real.
This is to demonstrate the workflow as the design materializes. Moving from the Virtual to the Real.
If we like your submissions, more work will be on its way.
Credits will be included on the images used on our site and you will be informed where they are, as they are used.
Sexy is the name of the game, and beautiful architecture with product placement (eg Feature Windows, Built in Appliances or Bathroom ware etc.) will be used.
Rich Materiality, and Composition are also important. Landscape orientated views.

Please include rates for future work.
Send submissions to benellis304@gmail.com
Samples of my personal works and professional projects i worked on in the last years in one of the following position: Lighting TD / Photography Concept Art / Matte Painting All around VFX Artist since 1995

Demo reel (5 years old)

Felt in love for Maxwell recently while working on the sequel filmthe Odyssee for Cartier and a couple of other projets at Digital District Paris and i will like to be able to be able to use it more in the future.

Feel free to drop me a line of you feel like


Vincent Thomas
Author / Creative Art Director & VFX supervisor / MattePainter & Concept Designer


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