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By Thomas An.
Excellent texture detail. Simple and clean interior design.
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By Leonardo Giomarelli
Hi guys,
I show you my latest work:

Radomonte "Kato" 3d Models MXS/C4D/FBX/OBJ

Set of n ° 5 very detailed models of the beautiful "Radomonte Kato" tap ready for Maxwell Render.
All models are complete with MXM materials and 4K textures, the geometries are available in MXS / C4D / FBX (Low Poly and High Poly) / OBJ formats.
Inside the Zip are included the .psd files with the uvw positions of all models, useful for customizing the result.
n° 5 variants of the Radomonte Kato tap, each in MXS / C4D / FBX / OBJ formats.
n° 11 MXM materials
n° 2 MXM materials High quality brushed steel
n° 12 4K Textures
n° 5 .psd files for customizing textures
n° 1 .eps file Radomonte logo

Enjoi it!


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By Mark Bell
Nice work here - I especially like the subtle lighting and detail in the materials. You obviously know how to use the software!!
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