Add here your best high-quality Maxwell images.
By fv
Just rendered this one for a client. Very first stage of design.
OSX, Vectorworks 2017 (arch. model on table by me), Cinema4D r18, Maxwell 4.1 SL17 (model scene, table, chair etc. by Bentanji)

A question as well, Anybody any idea why the line-light at te rounded corners is a lot brighter. Especially at the right corner. Its modeled as a small square extruded along a path and a omni light emitter material (5w) asigned to it.
The line light problem can be fixed easily, if you change the emitter type to something per square meter, like lux or luminance. otherwise it distributes power per poly, mxi emitters always give power per poly so bear that in mind when modelling.
Texture/finish lost in render.


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