Add here your best high-quality Maxwell images.
By mwilchrlx
(started a new thread from the tail of the previous)

.... I'm making more progress and getting into more advanced cloud building, getting closer to full resolution clouds. These are still relatively low resolution.

I have a few technical questions and discovered a few issues, how do I get in touch with some of the developers?

I know that maxwell has provided an MXI plugin for nuke but has there been any talk of integrating the render into nuke's 3d environment? I'm considering building a toolkit and a library to build sky and weather systems, but it seems like a matte painting department would be the first adopters of something like this.

here some more progress of my RnD.



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By dk2079
these are great!

would you mind elaborating a bit why you prefer to assemble in maya and not directly in houdini?
on paper the maxwell houdini plugin reads quite impressive(haven't used it myself), wondering if there is anything particular keeping you from using it.

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By eric nixon
Did you say that you wrote a custom shader extension for this cloud material? Would love to know more about that.



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