Add here your best high-quality Maxwell images.
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By Mihai
A pleasure looking at your gallery and especially the video :)

I just saw some strange disappearing thing in the video at the beginning, between 0.59-1.00. Just seems weird for it to suddenly disappear like that.
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By Lamy
Hi everyboby and thanks all for your comments.

The video has 25 fps. Each frame (1280x720) reached SL 15 in about 1 hour 45 min.
For the static scenes we used some renderings done before which, of course, had a different dimension (3200x1800).
The animated part of the video is 109 seconds (so it's about 2725 frames) and it took a month to render them with 6 computers calculating full time
(it was winter and we didn't need the heating!)

About the trick to speed up...well...if you have any suggestion you're welcome! :D
The only thing we did to reduce a bit the amount of calculation was to render a region where possible (eg. the kitchen animated part).

As kami rightly suppose, the fire and the animated images where added in post with AE.

To Mihai: the strange disappering...that's an LCD glass and what we wanted was to show how it changes but I agree with you: It simply doesn't work!

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By Rafal SLEK
Wow :o
I've just saw animation work...
Which software did you use for preparing video from rendered frames?
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By Rafal SLEK
I was asking because ~800 frames render now on my machine for short architectural fly-through.
And was wondering if Adobe Premiere Elements is good for this job :-)
Thanks for your answer - your movie is great.
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By Lamy
I'm glad you liked the video. Sorry I forgot to say that we used both After Effects and Premiere Pro.
We don't use Premiere Elements but I think it should work.. :-)
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By tom
Fantastic interiors as usual. But this time they have gone too far! :shock:
Empty versions of rooms are stunningly photorealistic. You're doing it great!
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By Lamy
Tom: I don't know if it's very consoling that the photos look very photorealistic... ;-)
Sometimes -almost always- one isn't the best judge of his-her own work, so I thank you for every comment: they offer another useful point of view.
Seghier: Thanks for your appreciation. The black surface and the line are there to indicate a volume. We needed to show the red building (part of our client's project)
but it was hidden by another building so we chose this solution.
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!