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By Mihai
Thanks for the nice comments :) I want to try rendering some interiors now, enough artsy fartsy stuff :P

I'm convinced I can get even better results from Realflow :) The thing is you have to use a large amount of particles, and a pretty big scale in the RF scene, so that you can get nice thinner surfaces. Ofcourse the meshing params are very important also. But I've also looked at lots of reference photos and it's surprising how blobby water can look when photographed at highspeed.

The second picture is supposed to be a person crawled up, and melting, not sure if it's visible it's a person. I saw some photos on a photographers site...forgot her name, but she had these sort of statues wrapped up in what seemed like weeds, placed in a very austere environment, and I tried to mimick that mood...I wish I remembered the name of the site.

btw, the mat on the bottle is by jomaga, it's on the mxm site. Very good mat! I just turned down the bump a bit for this image.
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By Xlars
Fantastic update :shock: :shock: :shock: .. is that 3d my girlfriend just said to the glass with all the sprinkles. Such renders really makes me consider investing in RealFlow. Such shots reminds me of real life high speed camera shots as I just saw on

Fantastic stuff.. ehh... dont stop doing artsy fartsy stuff. It is really good.
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By ivox3
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By NicoR44
fantastic new renders Mihai :!: 8)
By JDHill
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By ivox3
JDHill wrote:Image
...definitely not worthy. :lol:
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By jomaga
Wonderful shots, Mihai.
Third one is really great!

(and thanks for using my mxm :) )
By joshh
The pouring wine is beautiful! Very inspiring work.
By rusteberg
very nice. so where's the exhibition? :D
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By jdp
your work is always a step beyond the technology, clearly shows that technology comes after, as it should... I love it.
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Wow! :D Nice render

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