Add here your best high-quality Maxwell images.
By daimon
Great Images!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By tom
:!: :arrow: :o Cool
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By Hervé
Mihai, the first picture is TOP quality... now THIS is a shot of wine... the color looks very much like a "Crozes Hermitage"... wonderful..

also I love the concept or the second render...

a lot of your images would make very good posters prints... have you tried printing some of them with an 8 color giclee system.... you'd get outstanding results... :wink:

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By bodebodebode

Great imagens, nice artistic feel.

Did you use Realflow or a plug-in to create the wine mesh??

As said before, the wine colour is perfect, so as the bottle.

Congratulations !!
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By Rochr
A little late, but image number 4 is my personal favourite. Cool, whatever it is.
Nice job on all of them.
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By 4 HeRo
Jaw dropping stuff :shock:
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By Thomas An.
Art !
(Nothing less from Mihai)
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By beppeg
:shock: :shock: :shock:
senza parole
:shock: :shock: :shock:
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Texture/finish lost in render.


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