Add here your best high-quality Maxwell images.
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By Thomas An.
Some of my images will be added to this gallery from time to time.

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By rivoli
great images you got there thomas. some oustanding studio setup as well, keep us posted.
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By tom
thomas...yeah, one of the maxwell machines!
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By oscarMaxwell
Nice renders Thomas :)
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By Thomas An.
oscar, rivoli, tom, otacon, Maximus3d, Jun In Gi,

Thank you all for the kind comments :D
It is the great talent from the masters in this group that inspires me !
Now if only I could be half as good as you guys, then I'd be on a good track !

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By jurX
...and now a little magic salt,... :D lokks very good
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By iker
Great renders Thomas! :D
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By Thomas An.
Makaka, jurX01, iker, hartz, Thank you so much for the support :D

hartz: the render time for the frosted bottles was 6h. The image was noisy and I let it take its time... I do not have control on the abbe values through Rhinoll so I end up with more noise due to dispersion.

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By Thomas An.
Hello everone,

Here is an update with a couple of my latest tries with Maxwell.
(Gallery first two images)

Kind regards,
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By tom
Awesome reality! :D
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By Hervé
I really like the boat motors... is it a real branch...?
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By Mihai
Very nice models and lighting. The engine could use maybe a rim light. I like that bottle model! :D
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Texture/finish lost in render.


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