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maxwell v.5 ///

multilight ambience & skin shader test


classic interior
camera studio
chinese terracotta horse
maxwell v.3 ///
coming back soon

maxwell v.1.7 & earlier ///
coming back soon

maxwell v.1 & beta ///
coming back soon
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By rmw
Very nice I love the sunlight. To render faster mabe use the beta 1.2.2a
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By NicoR44
Indeed very nice!!

is there any chance of getting this faster?

wait for 1.0 :wink:
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By ivox3
Hi Shen,

The image is very well done ......very convincing.

Could you explain the scene a little, .....what type of emitter,where,setting on that emitter......? I too think that 33 hours is a bit much and could be cut down.
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By Hervé
cool train.... good for a change from buildings.... cool modeling.. sorry I don't comment any Maxwell renders for the moment... :wink:
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By Xlars
I agree with Hervé that it is nice to see something diffrent. Wonderful idea with the moving train / background :)
thx 4 comments guys :) ...

@ivox3 : its just a physical sky + sun light - no other emitters...

@rmw : my fault, I'm using the 1.2.2. beta but with the 0.6 plugin ;) ... I thought it gets clear when I said, Im using the beta an C4D

... I'm going to post some more pictures :) greets
so , as I told you - prepare for my next image

although its cold and misty here in germany I want to give u a glance on
my next summer. so " its POOLTIME " :o
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By aitraaz
yep great pic :)
here is a new pic for u guys ... "the kitchen"...
I'am working on a night-view , with the three lamps as emitters, but the render time is anoying high when I use emitters for illumination , is there any trick to get it (even only slightly) faster?! greets
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updates! :D
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By NicoR44
well... I like huhhhhh All of them

Exept for the pool that is
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By Xlars
cool images
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