Add here your best high-quality Maxwell images.
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By Forester
Of course. Have seen it, have used it for a year or two. Have recommended it on this site in four different posts over the last several years. Included a review of it in that 80-page guide to HDRI's I'd posted last month.

Have you seen Real HDR?

That render I posted simply came as a demonstration of something that could be done in Real HDR with no particular lighting plan in mind, in under two minutes.

Apologies for putting that image up on the Gallery. Probably should not have done so. Was just having little 5 minute fun with RealHDR and liking how well Maxwell Render makes even a little quick demonstration look good. My enthusiasm for Maxwell got the best of my judgement. The Gallery is intended for professional work - it is easy for someone to misunderstand if we mis-use the Gallery for fun.
My bad!
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By Nasok
Dude, first of all - it's not stupid - that is exactly what gallery is for. For posting your work.

Altho if it is a feedback you're looking for then WIP probably would be the best place to post unfinished work - if this is not intended to be finished or if the work is finished - then Gallery is perfect place for such posts.

I like RealHDR in a sense that it expands on sky feature - like providing visual guide for time of the day and location of the sun .. very handy .. I'd love to get more presets or real light data import there .. that would be great.

Please keep posting dude :)) we all love that!
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By Forester
Not a problem. You just reminded me that the Gallery is supposed to be for finest renders. Not for casual conversation. It WAS my bad.

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Same here!