Add here your best high-quality Maxwell images.
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By choo-chee
looks perfect!!!
makes me feel bad I don't render things at this scale (only houses, towers, living rooms.... not one time a close up )
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By Leonardo Giomarelli
Thanks choo-chee I am very pleased that you like it ... since I started rendering my target has always been the catalog image .... even if I don't make them anymore, it remains the type of image I prefer .... maybe one day I'll try to work on exteriors ..... who knows ... I might like it ... :D :D
Thanks again

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By Leonardo Giomarelli
New models on my store 😉
Set of 8 extremely detailed models of the very modern "ASTA" tap by Cea Design.
Each model is supplied complete with materials in both satin steel and gold steel finishes and is available in .c4d .MXS .fbx formats
Inside the Zip file you will find:

n ° 8 MXS + .c4d "Asta" taps in satin steel finish ready for your projects in Maxwell Render
n ° 8 MXS + .c4d "Asta" taps in gold steel finish ready for your projects in Maxwell Render
n ° 8 .fbx models uv ready to be used on all render engines
n ° 12 MXM high quality materials
n ° 10 4k textures
n ° 8 .psd files with the uvw positions of each model useful for making any changes you want



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