By br54
OK, it's only the day after SIGGRAPH so I'm sure everyone's exhausted...

The XSI 7 demo is now out in October 2008 3D World's DVD 108. The DVD includes a 60-day demo of XSI 7 and also 7 hours of XSI tutorials from Digital Tutors.

I'm looking through these cool new materials, and just have to ask if a Maxwell plugin for XSI 7 is something that's in the works?

And if there are any comments that could be made such as "Yeah, there will be the expected delay" or "Catastrophe! No way will this happen until XSI 7.5 fixes horrible bugs" or some other such comment that might hint at whether this might happen later rather than sooner.

Thanks! :-)
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By oz42
br54, I'm sure you know the answer by now but I just upgraded to 7 and YES it does work.
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By JorisMX

Very interested in a Plugin for 7.01 as well!!!
Esp. if it was possible to implement the maxwell materials in the shader tree and/or ice trees

learning ICE at the moment - its amazing!!!
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By JorisMX
In meanwhile 7.5 is out.

Are there any plans on doing a plug-in for this version? I was hoping for 7.01 and havn't heard anything in a while.
whats up?
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By oz42
JorisMX, the current plugin works fine with 7.01.

As for 7.5 - I haven't yet been given the magic password by AutoDesk to give me access to the new download - even though I have a live maintenance contract!

See; we all predicted it would go to pot when 'they' took over :wink:
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By JorisMX

Ahem, stupid me. Just installed it and it works perfectly.

This is just great. I cant wait to try some ice/maxwell animations things when I finally have some time for my private projects again.

Oh, and btw, it seems like no one ever posted in those 3 of 3 threads about proceduals in maxwell materials and ICE and so on.
I am very interested in what youre getting into there. However I'm still a bloody XSI beginner.

If you don't mind feel free to PM me some of your XSI works and/or links to ICE specific content.
I've worked myself through one of the long ICE tutorials I could find on the web, but I' m still hungry for more :twisted:

Thanks a bunch, oz!
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By oz42
Joris, I too am really excited by ICE. However my day job is creating architectural visualisations, so not much call for it? Maybe when I get some spare time...

Thanks for the kind words on the procedural textures in viewport idea. I don't really have the time (or coding skills) to complete this but hopefully someone will pick up on it and fill in the blanks?

Have you upgraded to 7.5 yet?
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By JorisMX
nope still on 7.01
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