By MANorth
I installed the XSI addon when it first came out and rendered out some tests and then went off to explore ZBrush 3. Now I've come back and can't seem to get XSI to communicate with MR at all. I can't edit Maxwell materials in XSI and I can't send scenes to MR to be rendered. I get nothing from the edit button on the Maxwell material node and I get a red border and an abort when I try to render a pass. I get the same behavior with scenes that had rendered before and with brand new scenes. I can export an MXS and it will render fine. So I'm assuming I have some sort of path problem, though I haven't knowingly changed anything since my original install. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the addon and the spdl, with no effect. I don't know if this means anything, but all I have in the MR custom preferences is a box to enable automatic update. I have MR installed as a user addon, and there aren't any odd workgroup issues. Help or advice much appreciated.
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By Mihnea Balta
Try reinstalling Maxwell render, maybe something changed the system path or some other environment variables and the plug-in can no longer find Maxwell.

What does the log window say when you try to render (when you get the red status bar)?
By MANorth
Yeah, it seems clear that the plugins can't find the MR executables, but I was hoping for a less drastic solution than a reinstall. The red bar isn't any help at all: it just says "operation aborted."
By MANorth
It's a ZoneLabs problem. What changed is that I updated ZL and it isn't letting the plugins call up the executables. I haven't figured out how to give them the right permissions yet, but turning ZL off fixes it.
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