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By oz42
Just wanted to say thank you to all at nl.

It's been a long time coming but I think it's going to be worth it.

Have started playing around and so far so good...

Did I read correctly in Yog's post that region rendering (i.e. rendering within the XSI viewports) will be enabled in a future version of the plugin?!

Thanks again.

How are you finding this useful? from an XSI expert/pro who is not seeing any + over MR here at the moment


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By cyberjuls
Thanks for the plug.

I don't want to debate here about MentalRay, but i'm happy that xsi now has an other option. First plug for max was not that good too. Hope they will update it asap.
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By N&B
Hi, I just wanted to add my voice to the crowd. A big thank you to the next limit team :D .

I'm new to XSI (coming from Lightwave) but it's good to see that I will be able to use maxwell natively in XSI.
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By juan

Thanks for the nice words. This is the first version of the plugin and of course we will improve it in the future with new features. A full integration of Maxwell materials inside the plugin is not possible yet in this version of xsi but we know that it will be possible in the future. SoftImage has given us a great support and we are sure that the plugin will grow a lot.

Mihai (our main xsi guru apart from many other things) is out for some days but soon he will give you better support. Meanwhile, we have uploaded a simple videotutorial to the website:
(click in the workflow section)

AAA, apart from comparisons with other engines, which features would you like to see implemented in the future? Please don't hesitate in post them here, we would need more details to make the plugin better in future revisions.



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