has anybody successfully rendered anything out of Maya 2008 with the latest Maxwell plugin on a new Mac Pro with Nehalem 8 core CPU? When I use MXStudio everything renders fine but when I render out of Maya 2008 the renderer "pretends" to render but it just takes a couple of seconds and it says "Render finished successfully" - but it didn´t render anything. No matter which settings I use - I don´t manage to render anything out of Maya with Maxwell...

I´ve switched from Windows to Mac and this used to work on Windows. It´s the same when loading old Maya scenes I built on the Windows system. No rendering...

Here is an example protocol:

===================== New session opened at 16/May/2009 18:51:56 =====

Maxwell Render® 1.7.1
(C) 2004-2007. Next Limit Technologies

/Applications/Maxwell/mxcl.app/Contents/MacOS/mxcl -p:low -d -mxs:/tmp/mxslpIcss

WARNING: - Low Priority Enabled

[16/May/2009 18:51:56] Reading MXS:/tmp/mxslpIcss
[16/May/2009 18:51:56] MXS file read successfully

- Num Meshes: 2
- Num Triangles: 110792
- Num Vertexes: 55419
- Num Normals: 55303
Render settings:

- render core : RS1
- render version : Maxwell Render® 1.7.1
- desired rendering time : 240h00m
- desired sampling level : 1000.000
- render resolution : 1024 x 1024
- using 8 threads
- illumination layers:
. . direct layer: true
. . indirect layer: true
. . direct caustic reflection layer: true
. . direct caustic refraction layer: true
. . indirect caustic reflection layer: true
. . indirect caustic refraction layer: true

[16/May/2009 18:51:56] Checking Data
[16/May/2009 18:51:56] Loading Bitmaps & Preprocessing Data
[16/May/2009 18:51:56] Start Voxelization
[16/May/2009 18:51:57] End of voxelization
[16/May/2009 18:51:57] Start Rendering

[16/May/2009 18:52:10] Start Rendering

[16/May/2009 18:52:10] Render finished succesfully
thanks a lot for testing this.

In the meantime the Next Limit support helped me with this issue. My Sampling Level was set to 1000 which caused the problem. (As far as I remember this wasn´t a problem on Windows XP and Vista 64 Bit... - seems to be a problem with the Mac version.) But it´s not really a problem - I will actually never render until SL 1000 :D

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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!