By cgbeige
I was wondering why some stuff was missing from my renders suddenly and then realized that somehow the Maya (OS X 2009) mxs export is dropping meshes when exporting:

the edge of the sunglasses in Maya

after export in mxstudio

The weird thing is that they render/export fine in Maxwell when rendering from within Maya and opening in mxcl. is anyone else seeing this?
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By Mihnea Balta
Can you look for the name of that mesh in Studio's object panel? Studio used to have a problem which caused it to misplace some objects when reading a MXS, though that should be fixed in 1.7.

The object isn't instanced, right?
By cgbeige
weird. all of a sudden, it's back.

Probably denoiser is making things more dificult t[…]

Thanks Fernando!




Hello Mike, I'm not sure what you are doing with […]