Hi everyone!,

I´m trying to do an image using layer passes so it does not take so much time rendering every time i need to change something. I´ve manage to get my alpha channel, diffuse layer, and my shadow layer... but i cant find the option for reflection layer.

I´m not sure if maxwell has this option, i´ve seen it in vray and mental ray. Anyone has knowledge about this issue?

by the way i work with mac

By Lynchon
in that case... how do i place reflections produced by a 3d object into a photograph? For instance, im trying to place a cup of tea made with maya into a real picture background in which there is a metal plate. I reproduce that plate in 3d so reflections are created, but i dont need the hole model because its already in the picture. How do i use those reflections independently from de model from wich they belong?

Was that clear enough? sometimes a have trouble to express myself correctly because i translate directly from my language into english.
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By Mihai
Well it won't be possible to do it like you're used to with a reflection layer. You can either leave the whole rendered metal plate in the photo, or you could try making a very dark but shiny material for the metal plate so you get reflections but the rest of the plate is totally black, then use a blending mode to composite that with the photo. I think Overlay or Screen will work.
By guerillary
Lack of being able to render separate passes of key elements in Maxwell is significantly hindering the application's potential for use in visual effects production. We are currently in production on a project where Maxwell cannot be used for the sole reason a reflection only pass cannot be rendered.

I inquired about the pass separation issue long ago and was told there's no need to be concerned with having these passes since the renderer is physically accurate and offers other benefits toward image control. While there's some level of truth to that response, many if not most significant visual effects projects with cg elements require the use of reflection and other passes, because a projects aesthetics often call for photoreal cg elements to be modified in composite.

Although Maxwell is the most accurate engine we've seen on the market, the ability to isolate reflection passes and a few other key elements is the only way we'll really see it take flight in the visual effects community.

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