hi !

it has happened to me already a few times, especially just a few days or hours before a deadline (murphy's law):

a garbled maya scene file.

for example errors like not being able to render some of the scene's polys any more, even after export/reimport in a new file, or similar errors that just sneak in. i sometimes had to step back a few hourly backup files to find the last error-free scene that worked. the rest of the work was lost.

what do you guys do to keep maya scenes as clean as possible, next to scene optimization ?

what can be done else ?
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By deadalvs
hmm... noone having problems ?

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By 3dtrialpractice
u using maya 2008?
i found i have a bit more of these problems w 2008 64bit where saved files mysteriously are garbaled. .and then that same file may be opening file localy on another machine.. some weirdnesses liek that - but its rare and spare and i keep many iliterations of my files as i progress..basiacally saving new files by date-time sequence..

i dont do much for scene optimisatin .. i guess i run a script every non and again form highend that loks at polys faces.. but in my work i dont have HUGE scnee too much and i dont run into many issues w that..
ocasionally geometry is just plain f'd up and i gotta expoert to obj and then reimport it and it gets fixed that way the easiest..
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By deadalvs
yep, 2008 here.

i also save a LOT of versions in the form «_V_w» (version x, wedge y)

but i had it in past that i had to go back a few versions because i did not actually have a sign that the scene was garbled.

occasional crashes are common too... and i'd never use the temp .ma backup files with larger scenes since you have no clue what maya actually wrote correctly in that file.

i usually work with scene files above 40 or 70 mb with a lot of groups and objects (1 million + polys), and there's just no way to time-efficiently save that out backups for those models without the actual scene attached.

i hate also that all the models exported in .ma come with attached shader networks (for example) and the namespaces after reimport are overwritten or doubled.

or can somebody explain how to deal with that correctly ?
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