By msantana
Hi again,

Quite honestly I don't know if this is a bug in the maya plug-in, the maxwell render engine or me not understanding the materials correctly.

I have a scene in maya with no textures, just default lambert. If I make cubes and apply the lambert sometimes they have large dark areas that are not consistent with either the scene's lighting or the lambert color.

Now, the reason I am bringing this up is because up to maxwell 1.5 they didn't appear at all, when I installed 1.6 they started to appear and they didn't go away in 1.6.1. This effect is more pronounced around rounded edges of smoothed cubes.

For example, this scene has only the default lambert material and it looks like the uv mapping is stretched on the rounded (poly smoothed) geometry:


As you can see the geometry on the left renders fine, but all the geometry on the right has these weird highlights near the edges.

For reference, this is the same scene rendered with mental ray, closer to what I would expect to see:


At first I thought the normals were not correctly set, but quite frankly I don't know.

The mxs file is this one:


And the original maya file is here:


Any thoughts?

By Jorge Alix
Wich Maya version are you using? I can´t open it.
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By tom
I guess I know why that happens. Can you freeze those stretched (re-scaled) meshes and try again? By freeze, I mean reverting the scale factors to 1.0 while keeping the mesh intact.
By msantana
Jorge: it is a maya 2008 file.

Tom: That did indeed fixed the problem. I set the scale of the object in the center of the scene below to 1, 1, 1 and then moved the vertices instead. The render is this one:


So I guess there is a bug in the scaling of Maya objects and Maxwell render?
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