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By choo-chee
how can I set the starting path of the library to be other than c:\program files\next limit\maxwell .... to something like d:\maxwell library ? it's hard to keep copying files from one computer to the others since XP will not let me access the c:\program files so I have to copy to a temp dir and then ....
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By Mihnea Balta
There's no easy way, but I've noted your request for the next update. In the mean time you could open the file scripts/others/maxwellMatLibBrowser.mel from your Maya installation directory, go to line 107 and replace:
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$path = `maxwell -getMatLibDir`;
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$path = "d:/maxwell library";
Note the forward slash instead of the usual backslash you see in Windows paths. It's also important to see that the original line is enclosed in backticks and the replacement has normal quotes.

Make a backup of the file before you change it because if you make a mistake the material browser will stop working until you reinstall the plug-in.
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By choo-chee
thanx I'll try it first on one of the render machines

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