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By deadalvs
hi there.

(one more of my theoretic questions for automating things in maya.)

please don't see this as a joke. i'm really just into learning how to speed up the workflow and in this case it's just with RF as second software. :oops:

* * *

i'm currently working on creating automated weathered textures inside maya.

can i do this from within maya (automated): (?)

• select a poly object
• export as obj (or whatever)
• start RealFlow
• import the object
• setup a standard RAIN situation
• setup the export for wetmaps
• run the simulation for n frames
• exit RF
• import the textures (only the textures of the n-th frame, not the whole animation) as file nodes

could that be programmed in MEL ? would i need python ?

* * *

thanks for any answer !
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By DrMerman
Hey man.

Sorry this is only a quick answer, but I'd say your best bet was python. RF uses it natively, so as long as you could set it up so Maya waited for the textures from RF, and then continued, you should be ok.

I'm stuck on Maya 7, so no python for me, but it shouldn't be TOO complicated :D Hmm...

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By deadalvs
hey Matt !

hehe, not TOO complicated, yeah ... :)

i could not sleep i was so busy thinking of all that scripting ... :(

i have that a lot when i'm thinking of a new script

well, at least i know that i'm deeply interested in a topic !

i'll dig some deeper !

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