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By Mihnea Balta
We'll try to include region rendering in the next build of the plug-in, but it's not a confirmed feature yet. We haven't considered IPR yet, but we'll evaluate it soon.
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By deadalvs
it would also be great that the region rendering is saved in the scene, so a setup in maya can be exported and then rendered via network or opened in studio with the same region settings...
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By deadalvs
Pretorian wrote:That's not a bad idea deadalvs.

In fact something I think would be great is to render via network directly from Maya (or any other 3D app). For a complex image where you're setting up it would be great by having the capability to use the net render for that.
a wish of mine too for a long time, yes.

but as long as there are not network-based commandline flags this is will stay a wish...

greets !
By br1
Reviving an old thread. Any news about the region render ? I have the feeling it was implemented at a time but it can't find it within the latest plugin.

Is this feature gone or am I just searching in the wrong place ?
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By iker
IPR + Maxwell? ...that would be great, but it would be too slow isn't it?
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!