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By deadalvs
well... after 2000 lines of code...

i have just realized that i started that whole thing wrong and it seems that reprogramming the main scripts would be easier than trying to go through it like this.


simple errors can cause such a loss of time.

at least i have learned sth.

i guess i'll never complete this project... :(
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By deadalvs
it's taken some time but i got a little further ..

i started a script (see post above) way too ambitious with many many options, but it's been too much. would have taken 5000 lines of code or so.

no time for such stuff.

* * *

i just «reduced to the max» and rewrote some of the old script and added the most important options.

• orient to active camera (2d cards !)
• multiselection of copied objects
• instances (can automatically be assigned to a layer, good for hires trees when that layer is displayed as boundinBoxes)
• auto-merge copies poly objects if desired. (better one object with 50'000 quads than 50'000 independent grass cards)
• random size and rotations
• copy on nurbs and on polys

* * *

in case anyone's interested .. [i should charge people for this shit ! :) ]
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By deadalvs
sure i am still doing this .. :) ... i'll send you a PM with the download info ..
By cgbeige
ya, PM me too with the new version when it's done. I was waiting for the instances feature.
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By deadalvs
normal copies are not copied to a special layer, only instances.

properly defining the object and floor layer is crucial to avoid errors like «pCube is not a display layer» ..

be sure to set the layer to bounding box before instancing trees or other complex meshes. otherwise maya will stall trying to display millions of polys.

also reset transformations on the object before using the script...
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By deadalvs
any feedback so far ?
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By deadalvs
hey 3dtrialpractice...

any luck with the script ? could you use it for those tests ?

did you have any issues with copies or instances ?

hope it works ! :wink:

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