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By mverta

I had plans to do this great, comprehensive, multi-threaded plug-in demo video... but I got held up on another project, so a couple of hours ago I threw on the headset and rambled for an hour instead. :D

Novice? You may dig it. Semi-pro? Probably a tip or two. Pro? Feel free to tell me where to get off. I promise I'll do a more coherent series in the future. I really want to do one just on texturing. In the meantime, here's one covering the basic basics, like installing.

The full hour video is in 10-15 minute parts, available here:
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By DrMerman
Just watched the first one. Very much appreciated Mike. I missed that extra settings box the first time around (with verbose export etc) so this is really invaluable.

Dr Merman
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By Olivier Cugniet
didn't watch them for now, but thank's very much anyway :D
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By deadalvs
great stuff, Mike !

* * *

You could do a gnomon workshop dvd on maxwell !

* * *

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By aitraaz
good stuff Mike, very helpful, but its true you don't sound like Darth Vader. You may need to smoke more :)
By cali3d
hehe good and funny vids :) very well done.. I am happy to hear Zat I am not ze only one to zpeak like ze germanz wen doing ze renderingz and teaching :P
By cali3d
For me its a huge influence of the old brittish tv series 'Allo 'Allo (im still a big fan)
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By w i l l
Thanks very much for these!... How fast is your computer? Renders much quicker than my Spectrum.
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By w i l l
Ha ha ha. Joke.
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By 3dtrialpractice
Hey is it me or is video #5 is only black video with audio? I dont see anything I just hear the dark lord...

ohh ya btw.. all this time Mike I thought you had james earl jones voice.. so crazy to hear your real voice. .. heheh and you do quite a collection of other character voices..heheh toofunny!

.thanks for the work on these vids!

EDIT--- YES IT was just me I guess my quicktime messed up .. had to reset it.. the video is not black anymore
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