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By Ernesto
How do I place an Image at the background?
I have a ready image same resolution as the Maxwell render image, and would like to use it as background.
Thanks in advance

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By Mihai
I'm not sure how you do it in Maya, but you're much better off rendering an alpha and compositing your background image later. It makes no sense tying a background image with the render. You might want to change it later, make small adjustments so it fits better with the render etc. You would have to rerender the whole image if you render them both at the same time.
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By Ernesto
In my opinion, It is the oposite.
It makes non sense to posprocessing if you can avoid it.
Pluss the interaction between the background image and the reflections in the objects, cannot be simulated in posprocessing, unless you invest days working on it and you are a genious on guessing reflections.

By corneliu
Hi Ernesto,
You can use the image plane to render a background image.
Just go to the Viewport menu View->Image Plane->Import Image.
Hope this helps
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By Ernesto
Thanks Corneliu!
By dmeyer
Hey Guys,

I can't seem to get this to work with Maya 2011 and the latest plugin for 2.0. I can assign the image plane and get it to appear in the viewport, but it will not show up in the render.

Any ideas?

By dmeyer
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