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By choo-chee
says I didn't fill in the top 5 features but I did.
cannot submit, sorry ...
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By Primus
Got the 10% too. But there was a logical mistake on the formular ( concerning render nodes) , anyway ...
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By Nova66
Did the survey, got the email regarding the 10% discount code but there was no actual code listed in the message.

By Polyxo
Yes, the survey is clearly broken in the two already mentioned areas.
I wasted a non trivial amount of time with that questionaire as I actually could not submit it.

Please take this serious and don't play with the time of your customers!
It should be fixed and sent out anew.
By kami
for me it worked when I put the options without bullets on the top5-list to the 5th position as well ... surely not the intention but all of these points are important somehow :)
By bograt
Bubbaloo wrote:It worked fine for me. It seemed to be pretty self explanatory. I think the 10% voucher should be withheld from those that can't figure out how to fill out a simple survey.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Good job Bubbaloo!
The same error came up for me until I filled in the 3 or so remaining with a score as well.
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Thanks Fernando!