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By zoppo
very nice. although the last one looks like somebody sneezed on it.
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By Daniel Hruby

Are you using the stusio set up installed with MaxwellStudio? If not, would you mind sharing your lighting set up? Color temperature is nice.
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By Tea_Bag
Didnt realise you posted here Daniel! :oops: - I know it was last year but hopefully this is still wanted - I'm using a studio setup installed with studio and used boned lambert for the ground plane.

Ive dug up this post as later I'll post a chocolate material I've been working on :)
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By KurtS
ahhh.... religion & chocolate for the masses...!

well done!
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By tom
I was watching Max's progress on chocolate but rather than making an early comment I should confess we don't have that color chocolates, here. :)
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By iker
That chocolate looks delicious!
...I need to eat a chocolate piece right now
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By Brett Morgan
Nice chocolate, looks like cadbury's glass and a half of full cream dairy milk"™

Texture/finish lost in render.


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