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By Tyrone Marshall
With the release of the new MXM gallery, http://mxmgallery.maxwellrender.com/ , this thread will serve as the official material request thread.

I will update this first message to reflect new requests.

MXM Material Requests:

Green Oxidized Copper
Flower w/SSS
Leaf w/SSS
Textile w/SSS
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By kraemerJK
... mmmm ... how about green oxidized copper ??
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By hyltom
Nothing to see with the material request but...is it possible to add some comment to a posted material?
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By x_site
proper brick and concrete :wink:
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By Hervé
Just one thought... regarding mapped MXM.... jsut make sure you have full rights on the maps... 8)
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By thxraph
hello mates,

this website is great. just a problem : when a post an mxm, most of the time the zip file is 7-15Mb large because the textures, i'd like to enter the adresse of the zip file instead of uploading it in the form!

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By goncalo
My request is a curtain with texture ( like blackout ) for a window with SSS

that we can see the light through inside.

all my experiences was a big disaster ... didn´t work, only the texture
By Montauk123
I'd definitely love to see some wood floors from some of the wood samples provided...
Is anyone having a problem where the materials aren't working. I'll apply them to an object, hit render, and it will go straight to done without actually rendering? (I'm using Rhino by the way)
By tikal26
Wood floors
More mansory materials
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By Mihai
You have about 20 wood materials already, why not just simply replace the texture with a wooden floor one?
By WillMartin
Tile materials of various sorts
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By tom
Mihai wrote:You have about 20 wood materials already, why not just simply replace the texture with a wooden floor one?
These awesome responds are killing me :lol:
By daimon
What about a sandblasted glass or a milky plexiglass to be used for light fixtures.
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By x_site
fake caustics water?
and i like the idea of sandblasted glas... the close i could find looks a bit simple :roll:
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