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By paulo
Update with Tree and Leafs. made with maxwellzone textures

i don't like the bark and ground materials

i'm trying to figure out how to map my photos (textures of a tree) to the bark material, i have bitmap2material so i can export normal, bump, occlusion, rough,

i do not which and where to apply them to a mxm material, is there info on how to apply them to an object?


By numerobis
It's not a texture problem. The textures are high quality. It's a transparency problem.
By numerobis
Ah, ok... i thought you meant the leaf textures because i thought the leaf material was the main point of this test - and because it is very obvious that the other textures are very low res.
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By paulo
haven't played with this scene in a long time, don't even think i have it anymore

but i think you're right about using a hdr lightning ,, maxwell was all new to me back then
seghier wrote:i tried with leaf material
with one layer and thin sss ; when one leaf above other the shadow from the top is not clear
in this render i don't see clear shadows ; is that because paulo use hdr lighting of the same problem with leaf material ?

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