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By nirusu
Thanks Luis!

Yes, I hear ya, it does look in mint condition.
Although I have to say the one I have right here still looks quite good considering it's from the 80's :-)


I do notice some dust around the battery indicator and some chipped paint on the edges.
Both of those are things I haven't figured out how to do with maxwell.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I'll check the forum as well.

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By ababak
It's so much better like that. Now I'd do something with that boring flat lighting.

P.S. By the way, the Sony and DD Quartz signs have too sharp edges and corners as to my liking. Otherwise, very nice modelling.
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By nirusu
Thanks all.

Examples of non-flat lighting would be nice :-)
I've tried this HDRI environment lighting AND a classic 3 point light setup with "soft boxes" but it kind of always looks like this....
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By nirusu

Actually my first try was with a studio HDR image. But with that method I can't see how to control the "lights"...

As for studio lighting with emitters I looked at these tutorials:
I also looked at the Sony and DD Quartz signs having too sharp edges and corners, but pretty much the only thing I
can do about that now in Studio is check the smooth thingy and I have no idea if that would help as I can't find the
objects in this huge list of objects where maxwell changed all the nice names I gave it in C4D...:-(

So this is what I got now. I do notice an improvement as far as highlights/reflections go....
But now I'm looking at a render time of 3.5 hours (not doing that)
Also I used a reflective plastic on the floor as in Mihai's tutorial but it doesn't show up at all, maybe my lights are still too big?

Maybe I should try a seamless black scene...see how that looks...

Image resized to 900 width.
Here's the original size.
Texture/finish lost in render.


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